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    Products from Canada…

    Thanks to our experienced team of buyers, Lagoon Seafood was able to build relations with the best Canadian producers and fishermen. Our team has gained knowledge and experience throughout the years which helped us find the best products on the canadian market to supply our customers. Lagoon Seafood is able to provide a wide selection of products while maintaining a premium level of quality.

    …and products from abroad

    Lagoon Seafood has developed strong relationships with major seafood processors in most fishing areas and farms around the world, which allows us to offer a wide range of products to our clients, both fresh and frozen, of premium quality. Our products come from various places of the world, including all of America, Asia, the rich coasts of western Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.

    Seasonal recipes

    • Preparation8 min
    • Baking2 min

    Scallops in honey sauce

    A simple, light and healthy recipe that glorifies the natural taste of the scallops with an amazing hazelnut flavor!
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    • Preparation50 min
    • Baking30 min

    Seafood tagine

    The combination of shrimp and cod in a savory and colourful tagine. A delicious and healthy recipe elaborated by our chef Michel Bou Karam, restaurant La Sirène de la Mer.
    Read the recipe

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    We are proud 27th Annual Canadian Grand Prix New Products Awards Finalist with our Blue Tide Mediterranean Salmon Tartare – Congratulations to the team!
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