About us

Since 1992, Lagoon Seafood has established itself in the Canadian seafood industry as a leading processor, distributor, importer and exporter of fresh and frozen seafood products.

Our mission

We pride ourselves in offering high quality products to seafood wholesalers and to major retail chain stores. Located in Montreal Canada, we serve customers in Canada, the USA, in Europe, as well as in Asia. We are constantly expanding our presence across the globe which will help us discover new products to offer while also maintaining our premium quality.

Our strength

Lagoon Seafood has developed strong relationships with major seafood processors in all major fishing areas around the world, which allows us to offer top of the line products and insure premium quality. Our products come from various areas of the world, including all of America, Asia, the rich coasts of western Africa and the Mediterranean Sea.

Our developments

Due to a partnership with a factory and group of fishing vessels in Nova Scotia, Canada, Lagoon Seafood has exclusive access to specific species of fish that are very sought after around the industry. Our headquarter is located in Montreal, Canada, however, we have recently spread our presence onto the European market, opening an office in France to manage all European accounts. This will allow us to maintain and develop a direct relation with our European customers to insure a great service and optimal quality of our product.

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