Scallops Royal Harbour

Royal Harbour

Pure white and delicately perfumed, these scallops will garnish your vol-au-vents and your salads. A few grams of delicacy …

 Origin China
 Sizes 80/120
 Packaging 340g
 Ingredients Scallops
 Allergens Scallops
Where can I find this product?  AdonisIGA, Metro ,Pasquier, Mayrand, Supermarché PA, Distribution Aubut, Produce Depot, Fish markets (ask your fish and seafood specialist)


Nutrition Facts


In the fridge

Take the product out of the freezer. Remove from the bag. Leave the product in the fridge in a lightly covered container for 24 hours to thaw progressively.

Quick defrosting

Take the product out of the freezer. Keep the product in the bag and soak under cold water until the product is thawed out.


Pan fried

4 minutes.

In the microwave

Not advised.

24 hours in a fridge

365 days in a freezer at -18°C

Never refreeze once defrosted

Wash your hands before handling

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