Squid rings

Blue Tide

The squid is a mollusk smaller than the octopus and whose flesh is very soft. It is excellent in salads, sautés, coated with bread-crumb or with flour and deep-fried.

 Origin  China
 Sizes  .
 Packaging 454g -Frozen
 Ingredients Squid
 Allergens Squid
Where can I find this product?  AdonisIGA, Metro, Pasquier, Mayrand, Supermarché PA, Distribution Aubut, Produce Depot, Fish markets (ask your fish and seafood specialist)
Nutrition facts


In the fridge

24h in the fridge.

Quick defrosting

Under cold running water.

In the microwave

Not advised.


Deep fry

2-3 minutes.

Boiled in sauce

20-30 minutes.

24h in the fridge

Until 365 days in the freezer at -18°C

Never refreeze once defrosted

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