Squid Rings on bed of vegetables, with sliced apple and chorizo

What crustacean brings together an evening with friends spent under the gazebo, chatting and laughing loudly? Squid of course!
In this recipe, they are lightly breaded for grilling in a pan with vegetables from sun and even an apple! And to finally tune everything we finish it with some chorizo to give it that little “je-ne-sais-quoi “! In the end, you don’t even need a gazebo or clear skies, just that good supper, that delicious wine and some amazing friends will suffice!
Enjoy your meal!

Élodie James



QUANTITY  2 persons

Ingredients & Utensils

– Utensils:
   -1 cutting board
   -1 large frying pan
   -1 knife
   -1 small plate

– Ingredients:
   -12 Calmari rings
   -1 big tomato
   -1 big eggplant
   -1 big apple
   -Some slices of Chorizo (spicy or not)
   -5ml extra virgin olive oil
   -½ cup Flour
   -salt and pepper to taste

The steps to follow

1- Defrost the squid rings as indicated on the package.
2- Cut the vegetables in thick slices. Season with salt & pepper. Reserve.
3- Cut the chorizo into matchstick pieces. Reserve.
4- When the squid rings are thawed, roll them in the flour. Reserve.
5- In a large skillet, heat oil over high heat. Carefully add the squid rings to the pan, and then add the tomato and apple. Once all are golden brown, reserve. Cook the Eggplant slices last.
6- While they are cooking, start to assemble the plates by alternate between slices of tomato, apple and then eggplant. Finish with the squid and pieces of chorizo.
7- Garnish with a small leaf of basil & enjoy it without delay!
* Note that a small drizzle of balsamic vinegar is welcome.

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